DJ's Hope

"Giving hope to others through the spirit of one child"

What We Do

Children's Hospital Backpack Program

DJ’s Hope’s back packs are filled with items to help families when a child is admitted to a hospital due to an illness through the emergency room. The last thing you have time to worry about is items needed for a short or long stay.

Our back packs supply moms & dads with hygiene products, blanket, t-shirt, puzzle book, snacks and more to get them through the first few days.

Please consider donating to help us meet the demand from Children hospitals.

Home Preservation

Since the onset of the pandemic many in our communities like the Elderly, Veterans & The Disabled have fallen on harder times with less avenues for help. Our program will bridge that gap by offering the help of volunteers with tasks around their homes, such as painting, landscaping and other minor repairs to help preserve their homes exterior and revitalizing their neighborhood.

 If you know a neighbor who could use a little help, please let us know, if you wish to volunteer, please fill out our volunteer form.

Hopeful Hearts

DJ’s Hope provides food, housing assistance and even financial assistance if needed when people fall on hard times due to illness, disability or economic crisis.  DJ’s Hope in most cases can offer gift cards for meals and groceries, travel expenses, along with helping meet any housing needs. This assistance is provided to those who demonstrate a great financial hardship.

A Chance To Play Grant

Many youths have a wish to play sports, but many families lack the resources to pay for youth sports. We have grants available to families that meet our financial requirements K-12. Once approved DJ’s Hope will assist with any registration and associated fees directly to the sports organization, should the grant include any equipment needed DJ’s Hope will order those items for shipping or pick up for the families that received a grant. Families are welcome to apply for up to two sports per year per child.

*We accept donations as well as sports equipment that you no longer need*

Children’s Farewell Fund

The loss of a child is the most devastating experience that parents, and entire families can go through. We are not taught how to deal with such a loss, and those who have not experienced this devastation can never fully understand the gravity of what you feel. When it does happen, though, our families do not have to go through this alone. DJ’s Hope is here to assist them. We are unique from other foundations in that some of our volunteers unfortunately understand exactly what you are going through during this time. To say it is extremely difficult is an understatement, but during these most difficult times, many families find the memorial process not only emotionally draining, but financially as well.

This is where our donors and volunteers can help. DJ’s Hope has created a program that assists families in the event of a child’s passing. We are honored to provide this service to those in need and will be there for you during this entire process. You are not alone!

Visit From A Friend Initiative

Our volunteers offer their time for temporary companionship to help combat loneliness, depression, and even anxiety from being alone, by doing things as simple as gentle conversation, going on a walk or even helping cook a meal. Our Initiative is great for the elderly, veterans and those in our communities with developmental disabilities when families and friends are not available.

Highlighting Our Two- Fold Mission & Growth

DJ’s Hope had a two-fold mission when we began in 2012. We wanted to become an educational resource for children and their families on the signs and symptoms of cardiomyopathy and other deadly heart diseases. as well as provide financial support to families dealing with heart diseases.  Financial support falls into two categories. The first category was for the children. Our gifts might include a gift certificate for the child to go shopping or tickets to a ball game, so they can forget about being sick for a while. In the future, we hope to create a scholarship program to assist the kids with pursuing their education. The second category was for the parents. DJ’s Hope provides assistance to parents facing financial hardships due to their child’s illness to help cover costs such as medical expenses, family lodging near medical facilities, or medication.

DJ’s Hope’s vision was always to help children and families when these life changing events take place and to provide assistance to as many children and families as possible. Our organization is 100% volunteer run, with minimal overhead. Nearly every penny of every dollar raised goes directly to a child or family in need.

In 2020 DJ’s Hope seen a need for much more help due to the covid pandemic. Our Volunteer ran nonprofit decided that expanding our programs to include anyone dealing with illness, our elderly friends, veterans and those with physical and mental disabilities was a vision we always held close to our heart.  Our new programs that were created and additional resources address many challenges within our communities that the covid pandemic shined a light on, such as the effects loneliness has on individuals without the support of  family and friend, depression , anxiety or the inability to resolve issues they have like home upkeep, the need for temporary companionship along with the need for  resources to get items they need.

We thrive on helping as many of those who need help. but without your support meeting these needs is a challenge, please consider donating today or volunteering to help meet these needs.