Our Impact

We have already had a massive impact in the lives of many children and families dealing with illness, along with our impact on others in our community that have reached out to us.   Below are just some of the stories and love from the people we have had the honor to be on their journey with.

Emily Kopp's Tale of Courage

My name is Emily Kopp and this is part of my story…

It was 2004 and the end of summer when everyone at Thome gymnastics began our nonstop run to the park. I was 14-years old. As we reached the top of a hill, I began to feel unusually exhausted. I didn’t think much of it at first and decided to push myself further with words of encouragement from Coach Brian.

I thought that I was simply a little out of shape from not being as active as I had been. My broken wrist and fear of balance beam was to blame for that in my mind. I felt guilty. When we reached the park, I didn’t want to leave. It was quiet and I was cooling down in a fountain. I had fun kicking and splashing while sitting barefoot.


Thanks so much for meeting me last week, and for your kind donation to our cardiac patients! The impact of your donation was great, and we are so honored you chose to share your gifts with our children here. It is inspiring to see you do such good deeds, in loving memory of DJ. With your efforts, his legacy will live on. He seemed like an amazing young man, and I hope his story will inspire others to do good.
Susan W.
Our 14-year-old daughter Elizabeth received one of your visa gift cards. She has had two heart transplants & this gift meant a lot to her. She enjoyed shopping and we where very touched from your kind generosity & hope to one day pass it on.
Betty and Ben T.
Your dedication to helping others while in the midst of your personal sadness is beautiful & inspiring. The recipient's stories are as inspiring in their own way and it is nice for recognizing them with your generosity.
Mary .W

I want to thank the kind people within DJ’s Hope during covid they helped me with many errands that I personally did not want to go out and take care of due to my age and health issues. I only wish I could show my gratitude to this great cause. But, being on a fixed income limits my abilities.    Please consider helping them so other like myself can receive their help. 

                                                                                                                         Ed. C