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Susan W: Thanks so much for meeting me last week, and for your kind donation to our cardiac patients! The impact of your donation was great, and we are so honored you chose to share your gifts with our children here. It is inspiring to see you do such good deeds, in loving memory of DJ. With your efforts, his legacy will live on. He seemed like an kid1 (112K)amazing young man, and I hope his story will inspire others to do good.
Oscar R: Today makes me realize how many people DJ has had an impact on. So many more people than I could’ve imagined. He made all of us happy at one point or another. So many laughs he had shared with so many of us. Now I realize, DJ didn’t just leave. He left us with all the memories he had made for us and with us. His mission here was complete. He made everyone in his life happy. This past year he has been working on his new mission, to make everyone not in his life just as happy as he made us. The best thing we could do is smile. Smile for DJ. That’s what he wanted us to do 🙂
kid1 (112K)Emily K: I am one of the DJ’s Hope 4 Heart recipients 2012. I’d like to take a moment to thank all of you and share my story. It’s truly a wonderful thing that you are doing. I was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy in 2003. I was admitted to the hospital to stay until transplant. I was both excited and saddened. I realized that someone would have to die in order for me to get a new heart. I was given an infusion that boosted my heart rate and put me on the transplant list. There is no rejection in the heart. However, the anti-rejection medicine damages the kidneys. Fortunately, I am not on dialysis, but I will eventually need a kidney transplant. My kidneys are steady and just above the percentage needed to be on the list. I urge anyone who isn’t a donor already to become one. You could save a life. I truly appreciate this. Thank you.
Betty & Ben T: Our 14-year-old daughter Elizabeth received one of your visa gift cards. She has had two heart transplants & this gift meant a lot to her. She enjoyed shopping and we where very touched from your kind generosity & hope to one day pass it on.
Mary W: Your dedication to helping others while in the midst of your personal sadness is beautiful & inspiring. The recepient’s stories are as inspiring in their own way and it is nice for recognizing them with your generosity.